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18.12.2014, 7 pm

Prof. Dr. Bill S. Hansson
Max-Planck-Institut für chemische Ökologie, Jena
"Sex, bugs & push'n'pull - Ein Exkurs in den Geruchssinn der Insekten"

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caesar lecture series

19.12.2014, 11 am

Prof. Robert C. Froemke
New York University School of Medicine, Skirball Institute
"Cortical plasticity and social behavior"
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The Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (caesar) is a research center for neurosciences. Caesar’s research is interdisciplinary, with scientists from the neurosciences, cell biology, biochemistry, and biophysics working together on the topics of cellular signal processing and the neural foundations of animal behavior. Caesar hosts state-of-the-art research facilities, and its scientists employ kinetic methods as well as methods from the fields of microscopy, spectroscopy, and the behavioral sciences.


New video: Optogenetics - how to control cells with light (in German)