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15.05.2014, 7 pm

Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann
Humboldt University, Berlin
"Optogenetik — Von den Lichtrezeptoren einzelliger Algen zur lichtgesteuerten Maus"

caesar seminar series

15.04.2014, 11 am

Dr. Olivia Shipton
University of Cambridge
"Left-right asymmetry of hippocampal LTP: Implications for memory and memory disorders"  

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17.04.2014, 10:30 am

Dr. Maurizio Chioccioli
University of Cambridge
"Light On Microorganisms"  

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The center of advanced european studies and research (caesar) is an Institute of the Max Planck Society and does research in the field of Neurosciences, Cell Biology, and Biophysics. The research focuses on signal processing in cells, in particular neurons or neuronal networks. 

Caesar uses modern photonic, molecular biological, and chemical methods as well as methods of microtechnology. The focus is put on kinetic, microscopic, and spectroscopic methods to study and control cellular activity.


The leader of the Minerva research group "Molecular Physiology", Dr. Dagmar Wachten, and her research colleagues from LIMES Institute (University of Bonn) have identified a new key regulator for the development of heart valves. Together with the University of Bonn we issued a press release.