Student Assistant for image processing and deep learning (m/f/d)

Caesar is a Neuroscience research institute associated with the Max Planck Society and is located in Bonn, Germany. Caesar’s research is interdisciplinary with scientists from various research areas working together on the topics of cellular signal processing and the neural foundations of behavior. This ranges from studying the behavior of single-cell organisms to studying one of the key questions of neuroscience: how does neuronal activity give rise to complex and goal-directed behavior?

The lab of Dr. Johannes Seelig, a Max Planck Research Group, investigates the dynamics of neural circuits underlying behavior in the fruit fly Drosophila. We are looking for a

Student Assistant for image processing and deep learning

Position : You will work flexible number of hours per week on an image processing project using deep learning.

Project Description: We are interested in using deep learning for analyzing and classifying the behavior of fruit flies from video recordings. The task requires programming (Python) and familiarity with image processing and deep learning frameworks (such as OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras, or Pytorch). The project will include behavior experiments and designing a pipeline for collection and processing of large video datasets. An interest in real-time image processing and the control of experimental hardware would be an asset. We offer state of the art computing hardware for deep learning and experimental equipment, and an exciting project at the interface of artificial and biological neural networks.

Education/Experience: We are looking for students in computer science, physics, engineering or related fields with a background and interest in computer vision and deep learning.

Starting date: At earliest convenience

How to apply: Please send an email to or submit your application at our job portal:

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Dr. Johannes Seelig
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