Caesar is a neuroscience research institute associated with the Max Planck Society. The institute is operated by a non-profit foundation under private law.


Picture Title First Name Surname Position Department E-Mail Telephone
foto Dr. Marta Anglada Huguet Guest PostDoc Other
foto Felix Bleckmann Guest Other felix.bleckmann@caesar.de +49 (0)228 9656 288
foto Bettina Bosse Assistant Other bettina.bosse@caesar.de +49 (0)228 9656 267
foto Dr. Christoph Geisen Scientific Coordinator Other christoph.geisen@caesar.de +49 (0)228 9656 200
foto Christian Lamberz Guest Other christian.lamberz@dzne.de
foto Manuel Peter Guest Other manuel.peter@caesar.de +49 (0)228 9656 288
foto Sandra Raatz Animal Carer Other
foto Marah Schlaak Trainee for Animal Care Other
foto Mirko Freitag Chef de cuisine Other +49 (0)228 9656 450
foto Dr. Monika Scholz Group Leader Other monika.scholz@caesar.de