12. September 2017
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15. September 2017
Research Center caesar

Tickets: €300

International caesar Conferences
Overcoming Barriers — atomic-resolution and beyond: advances in molecular electron microscopy 

Conference Poster
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The 6th International caesar Conference (12th - 15th September 2017) presents leading research in molecular electron microscopy of dynamic biological entities.

The conference focuses on recent technological as well as methodological advances and their applications to fundamental biological questions. 

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Mrs. Bauer at em2017@caesar.de.

6th International caesar Conference – Program Download

Keynote Lecture by:
Richard Henderson (LMB)

Martin Beck (EMBL)
Bridget Carragher (NYSBC)
Yifan Cheng (UCSF)
Radostin Danev (MPI-BC)
Friedrich Förster (U Utrecht)
Freddy Frischknecht (Heidelberg)
Tamir Gonen (Janelia Farm)
Kay Grünewald (Strubi Oxford)
Takashi Ishikawa (PSI)
Bram Koster (Leiden UMC)
Misha Kudryashev (MPI-BP)
Werner Kühlbrandt (MPI-BP)
Wanda Kukulski (LMB)
Julia Mahamid (MPI-BC)
Doreen Matthies (NIH)
Pawel Penczek (UTH)
Martin Pilhofer (ETHZ)
Chris Russo (LMB)
Sjors Scheres (LMB)
Ilme Schlichting (MPI-MR)
Christian Spahn (IMPB)
Holger Stark (MPI-BPC)


Overcoming Limitations
Advances in methods and technology

Overcoming Crowding
3D structures in the cellular context

Overcoming Dynamics
Insights into molecular mechanisms by imaging dynamic machines

Overcoming Size
Molecular insights into small membrane proteins

Overcoming Length-Scales
Hybrid approaches

Workshop - Monday & Tuesday, Sept. 11-12, 2017

Prior to the conference, we will be offering two parallel workshops (on Monday & Tuesday, Sept. 11-12) on molecular Cryo-EM. One workshop will cover both tomography and sample preparation, while the other will cover the novel SPHIRE software for single particle cryo-EM image processing. Both workshops are free of charge for registered conference participants. They aim at graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants. To register, send an email to em2017@caesar.de using either the subject "Workshop SPHIRE Registration" (already filled - we can only put you on a waiting list) or "Workshop CEMOVIS sample preparation Registration".

Getting Here

For information about getting to caesar, visit www.caesar.de/contact

If you plan to stay in Bonn during the conference here are some hotel suggestions