9. April 2017
at  11:00
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Research Center caesar

Art exhibitions
Opening of the art exhibition "ARTenVielfalt"

"Art is a crazy search for individuality"
Paul Gauguin

This individual and candid perception of artistic creativity reflects the exhibition "ARTenVielfalt". Twelve artists - mainly from the region - will be exhibiting together at the caesar research center from 10 April to 09 June 2017. The exhibition opens up to various artistic disciplines and styles: painting, sculpture, photography, installation, object art, media, tape art and neo-pop art. The approaches of the artists are as diverse as the artistic genres and creative processes:

André Böxkes - Media
Sabine Endres - Painting / Object Art
Stefan Maria Jung - Sculpture
Marc Kirschvink - Painting
Angela Lenk - Sculpture
Peter Marth - Sculpture
Marc von Martial - Photography
Franziska Möbius - Installation
Holger Schmidt - Sculpture
Wolfgang Schmitz - Photography
Malte Sonnenfeld - Neo Pop Art
"Tape That" - Tape-Art

Vernissage: 09.04.2017 at 11:00

Exhibition: 10.04.-09.06.2017 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4pm)

Location: Research Center caesar