Event: Neuroscience Seminar Series

Neuroscience Seminar Series: Michal Rivlin

27 Jan 2020 11:00 - 13:00 — Research Center caesar

“Mechanisms underlying dynamic computations in retinal circuits“

Dr. Michal Rivlin, Department of Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute of Science

A key feature of the retina is its parallel processing: the visual information is split into ~30 different channels via various types of retinal ganglion cells, each encoding a specific modality in the visual field, such as edges or motion. The modality assigned to each retinal ganglion cell is classically thought to be a fixed, hardwired property, one that does not change over the wide range of visual inputs the animal detects throughout its lifespan. Unexpectedly, recent evidence (from our lab and others) reveals that retinal neurons can change their core computations under several circumstances. I will show how the direction selective ganglion cell, which respond to motion in one (preferred) direction, can reverse its directional preference, and suggest a possible mechanism for this reversal. I will also demonstrate how input coming from the brain can change the light responses of retinal cells. These dynamic computations in the retina are probably transferred to downstream targets, affecting all visual processes.

Monday, 27 January 2020, 11:00 am, media room, research center caesar

Host: Elhanan Ben-Yishay (elhanan.benyishay@caesar.de)

Research Center caesar
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