Event: Public talk

caesar at the 1st Bonn "Pint of Science"

18 Oct 2019 - 19 Jul 2019 — „Pauke -LIFE-“ (Endenicher Str. 43, 53115, Bonn)

What’s more enticing then the combination of a pint and science? A great occasion to combine both is coming up – the “Pint of Science” event here in Bonn.

And caesar is participating, too: Scientific director Dr. Jason Kerr will speak on Oct 18, 2019, in the “Pauke” (Endenicher Str. 43, 53115, Bonn) about his research. Doors open at 6 pm. His talk is accompanied by more presentations, held by Alessandro Crimi („Networks in the brain“), Nora Ambrad („What’s in a wave? Trying to understand brain activity“) and Anna Antoniou („How neurons ‘talk’: new discoveries in neuronal communication via the transfer of biological material). Get your tickets fast, as seating is limited!

More infos can be found at Opens external link in new windowhttps://pintofscience.de/event/neurons-networks-and-behavior, more information on other talks at additional pubs at Opens external link in new windowhttps://pintofscience.de/events/bonn.

„Pauke -LIFE-“ (Endenicher Str. 43, 53115, Bonn)
Endenicher Str. 43
53115 Bonn