Event: caesarium

caesarium: bacterial injectons on a nano scale

29 Nov 2018 at 19:00 — Research Center caesar

Talk by Prof. Dr. Stefan Raunser, Max-Planck-Institut for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund.

Bacteria can infect cells and sometimes kill them. We believed to have a good grasp on these mechanisms, until we took a look through an electron microscope. A new world of strange syringes and injection needles became apparent. Bacteria may cocoon killer enzyms, only delivering their payload when they get in contact with a host. This mechanism is of great importance for our understanding of how to deliver active ingredients into a cell and could be of immense value in the field of medicine.

Since the number of seats is limited, we recommend an early arrival until 6.30pm. Please note that the lecture will be filmed and published on the internet. The resulting video might include shots of the audience. For further information on our data protection measures, please see our Privavy policy here. Find more of our videos on Youtube.

Research Center caesar
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