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Earn your PhD - apply to our IMPRS now!

Do you dream of a career as researcher in neuroscience? Consider applying for the IMPRS for Brain and Behavior, a world-class PhD training and research program. As a first in the Max Planck Society, the IMPRS for Brain and Behavior unites universities and Max Planck Institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. The program’s focus is on how sensory information is encoded in neural circuits and is transformed ultimately to behavior. The level of analysis ranges from understanding molecular signaling cascades in spines during learning to understanding how sensory and motor circuits are activated in awake behaving animals.

The program features a competitive salary and a multitude of training opportunities, including methods workshops, courses, travel grants and soft skills courses. A Thesis Advisory Committee offers mentoring and guidance, two coordination offices in Bonn and Florida support in international and administrative matters. Also, family support is offered.

Interested? Take a look at the program’s website at