The day that is almost pi.

Please find a partner from a group hanging to the right or left of your Christmas bauble.

You thought you would be alone in this? Nope! It's time for some teamwork: partner up according to the figure above. Meet one member of this group via zoom and complete the "what we always wanted to know about ..." questions. Little advice: You can easily use your lunch or a coffee break for this.

"What we always wanted to know about ...."
1) When did you start at caesar?
2) What are you doing there / what is your research focus?
3) What is your favorite band / song?
4) Never giving up hope on the end of the pandemic and a lottery win: what place would you like to visit?
5) Figuratively speaking, where would you like to be 5 years from now? (a few key words are enough here, you may as well dream ;-) )

Send the answers together with a screenshot of your meeting to