Public Outreach

The members of the outreach team at caesar are responsible for presenting the institute and its work online, via public events such as lecture series or open days, and at external public events. We also support caesar staff in the area of education and outreach.

Additionally, we aim to engage with people at all ages and interest groups to discuss our science. There are various public events throughout the year as well as our school outreach program (online and on-site).

Here are a few examples of online media created as part of the outreach effort.

The caesar outreach team represents all levels of caesar's neuroethological research at events, through courses or lectures.

Interviews with our group leaders

Videos on our publications

More videos can be seen on our YouTube channel. If you would like to find out more about our outreach activities or would like to work with us to create an event or activity, please do get in touch with our Public Outreach Officer Julia Schlee.