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New independent research group at caesar

1 Dec 2016 at 00:00

Bonn, 01.12.2016. The Max Planck Society has granted funding to Elmar Behrmann, research group leader at the caesar research center, to enable him to set up a free-floating Max Planck Research Group. The funding awarded will total approx. 2 million euros for the next five years. It will finance not only new investments in instruments but also posts for one postdoc, two doctoral students and a technical assistant. Elmar Behrmann can thus not only significantly increase the staff of his existing group, but also expand the topic of his research, particularly in relation to medically relevant ion channels.

Elmar Behrmann has been a Freigeist Fellow at caesar since October 2014, where he heads the “Structural Dynamics of Proteins” group. The research objective of this group is to utilize electron microscopy to dynamically image proteins in a native environment. The Freigeist program is an initiative of the Volkswagen Foundation. Funding is awarded to outstanding researchers who want to move between established research fields and undertake research which is associated with some degree of risk.


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Jason Kerr presents neuroethology research to iGEM students



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